Friday, January 20, 2017

Time: My projects.

So, adventures in case-making. I just got an email indicating that some case castings I ordered from the USA have shipped. Now, why would I order castings instead of having them done locally? Well, I'm waiting for some bronze blanks that I was intending to mill and file by hand into cases, to be cast in Vancouver. I talked to the guy in person in mid-December, was told it was the busy time as local jewelers swamp him with rush work at that time. Fair enough, but it's nearing the end of January now with no sign or communication.

In the meantime I've designed a set of case, caseback, and bezel blanks in 3d (the pic), uploaded the 3 models to a service in NYC that has 3D-printed them in high-resolution 'digital wax', sent them to have molds made, lost-wax cast them in bronze, trim the sprues, polish them, package them, and ship them to Canada. I'm anticipating getting them and have them all evaluated and measured out for finish machining before the 6 identical bronze donuts I ordered from the local guy show up.


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